Demolition and Abatement Work at a City Courthouse

Demolition, Asbestos & Mould

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Demolition, Asbestos & Mould
Guelph, ON

Tri-Phase was retained to provide demolition and abatement services to the Guelph POA Courthouse.

Tri-Phases scope of work involved structural demolition including removal of all noted walls on all three floors; demolition and removal of interior slabs, elevator cavity, exterior fire escapes, exterior stairs and interior stairways.  In addition, prior to beginning any demolition work, Tri-Phase also removed and disposed of asbestos-containing pipe insulation, as well as pipe fittings and elbows.

Other minor work included the removal and appropriate disposal of mercury-containing thermostats and PCB-containing light ballasts.  At the request of the client, Tri-Phase salvaged equipment and materials and provided protection of exterior windows, window sills and doors during demolition work.

Tri-Phase completed the project on time and within budget.