Demolition and Abatement Services of Rail Cars

Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition

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Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition
Railway Company
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tri-Phase was retained by a railway company to complete hazardous materials abatement and demolition services of over 50 of their rail cars in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The scope of work included the hazardous materials abatement and subsequent demolition of over 50 rail cars. The hazardous materials abatement scope of work included asbestos abatement of window, door and exterior caulking, as well as vinyl flooring. Lead-containing materials located in the paint throughout the rail cars were also abated by Tri-Phase. Mercury-containing materials such as fluorescent light tubes and PCB-containing materials such as light ballasts, sealants and caulking were abated by Tri-Phase. Ozone depleting substances were located in equipment throughout the rail cars and these were also abated by Tri-Phase. Once the hazardous materials abatement was completed, Tri-Phase then demolished the rail cars and segregated the materials. Tri-Phase recycled the steel, wood and other materials. Tri-Phase completed the job on-time, within budget and to the client’s satisfaction. Tri-Phase has been providing this scope of work on annual basis and to date over 250 rail cars have been completed.