Interior Demolition and Abatement Services at a Government Centre

Demolition, Asbestos & Mould, Lead Abatement

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Demolition, Asbestos & Mould, Lead Abatement

Tri-Phase was retained to provide demolition and hazardous materials abatement services for a high school.  This school was being converted for a different use by the town.

Designated substances that were removed by Tri-Phase prior to demolition include asbestos, lead, mercury and PCBs.  Removal of asbestos-containing materials such as mechanical insulations, vinyl floor finishes, transite panels and drywall joint compound, required a combination of Type I, Type II (full enclosure and glovebag) and Type III asbestos procedures.

In order to accommodate the new use for the building, Tri-Phase also performed extensive interior demolition including clean selective demolition of millwork, doors, and washroom fixtures on all floors.  Upon completion of asbestos abatement work, Tri-Phase continued with mechanical and electrical isolation and demolition as well as final clean-up of all floors of the building.