Remediation of PCB-Impacted Soil at an Industrial Facility in Peterborough

Soil & Groundwater Remediation, PCB Clean-up

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Soil & Groundwater Remediation, PCB Clean-up
International Utilities Company
Peterborough, ON

Tri-Phase was retained by an international utilities company to address PCB contamination at their Peterborough facility. The site contained approximately 3000 tonnes of PCB-contaminated soil that was excavated and disposed of by Tri-Phase. The excavated areas were then back filled, compacted and landscaped. The client’s manufacturing operations were maintained while remedial work was taking place.

To minimize the effects of noise, dust and traffic to our client and their neighbors, Tri-Phase implemented controls that included full site hoarding, by-law compliant operational hours, fulltime flagmen, air monitoring for PCB Clean-up and TSS during excavation as well as utilization of the company’s own expertise in hot, warm and cold zones (contamination control).

In order to control any groundwater infiltration or rainwater accumulation during excavation, we mobilized our on-site water treatment system. Tri-Phase also instituted a loading system in order to prevent the spread of contamination during excavation. This system required all trucks be loaded in a sanitary area surrounded by polyethylene sheeting, ensuring that any spilled soil was captured.

Administratively, Tri-Phase provided document control of all soil and water waste manifests and provided project updates through a defined communication procedure. This project was completed on time, within budget and to the client’s satisfaction.