Removal of an Underground Storage Tank at Retail Shopping Center


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Retail Shopping Center
Etobicoke, ON

Tri-Phase was retained to remove an underground storage tank (UST) located near the docking station of Retail outlet in Etobicoke, ON.

Tri-Phase provided the client with a trained service team, equipped with all the equipment necessary to complete the task at hand. Public and private locates of utilities in the vicinity of the renovations were performed prior to the project start up. Tri-Phase installed temporary fencing to isolate the excavation area and create a fire route for the fire exits in the building.  The concrete pad overlaying the tank as well as the affected part of the concrete pad under the adjacent recycling bin was removed and disposed of.  All lines were flushed, pumps and pipes removed, and lines capped and sealed.

Upon removal of the tank and under the direction of the consultant, Tri-Phase excavated and disposed of the surrounding contaminated soil and backfilled the excavated area with clean fill.  Tri-Phase also reinstated the concrete pad and asphalt.