PCB Management and Cleanup

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Here at Tri-Phase, Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has dealt with all types of PCB-containing materials and equipment including transformers, capacitors, ballasts, soil, groundwater and assorted liquids and solids.  We provide a full range of services for PCB management and cleanup, including project design, to acquiring all required approvals and permits, project management and implementation. Our combined field and disposal services enable us to remove not only transformers, but all high voltage electrical equipment.  We decontaminate transformer vaults and manholes and have both the capability and resources to provide emergency spill response services and on-site water treatment.

With over 15 years of experience in PCB management and cleanup, we have a fundamental understanding of “out of service date” issues and are fully knowledgeable in PCB tracking requirements.  We can advise you on PCB management and cleanup strategies, as well as coordinate sampling, conduct audits, review work plans, ensure compliance with all regulations and develop and implement the most cost-effective disposal method.

Please visit our Downloads section for more details regarding the most recent regulations and requirements for PCB Management.