A lot of factors can come into play when deciding whether to renovate or rebuild.  Tri-Phase can help make that decision easier.

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We are knowledgeable about zoning laws, which dictate how close a structure may be built to the property line or how much square footage can be used for an addition.

If a building is structurally sound (the frame, exterior, roof and drainage are in good working order and problem free), and the majority of work is cosmetic, then renovating is often a more viable option. Renovating protects the character of a structure and can save on unanticipated costs, such as replacing a septic system. New practices and modern ways of protecting floors and stopping dust mean renovation work can now be done without having to remove any furniture or without disturbance to the rest of the building. All renovation work is done in accordance with the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) guidelines.