Recycling Services

Tri-Phase ensures all materials on project sites are segregated and subsequently recycled in order to reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills.

Tri-Phase prides itself on stringent recycling practices whenever possible to ensure we are being responsible contractors. We ensure to recycle as much demolition waste as possible to lower material costs and tipping fees for our clients. While providing our demolition services, we carefully remove portions of the building in a strategic fashion and then segregate the materials on site to be later recycled. The materials that we recycle include but are not limited to wood, concrete, drywall, brick, metal, and carpet.

Tri-Phase owns and operates its concrete crusher to crush and recycle materials easily. This powerful machine can crush a wide range of aggregates, such as concrete and asphalt, and can follow granular B specifications and produce any required size. Our concrete crusher is mobile which enables us to crush the materials right on site and backfill with the crushed materials if the client desires. Owning our own concrete crusher enables us to work efficiently and meet the environmental needs of our clients.

Tri-Phase also owns and operates its own mill saw whereby wooden material including wooden poles and logs are recycled through. The wooden materials are recycled to form different sized lumber that can be reused at any project and for various uses.

Tri-Phase has completed multiple LEED Certified projects over the years in which we contributed to sustainability and green building. The LEED certification demonstrates Tri-Phase’s mission to continue to provide exceptional environmentally friendly services to our clients.

We ensure we are constantly implementing proper recycling practices to reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills and to continue to positively impact our community.