Future Amazon warehouse transformation completed by Tri-Phase!

Tri-Phase was retained to provide interior demolition and other construction services for a 49,500 square foot warehouse which would be converted to an Amazon distribution centre in Toronto, Ontario.

The scope of work included but was not limited to the demolition of over 700 feet of 35 foot tall block walls as well as the demolition of existing offices, all roll-up docks and levelers, as well as the interior/exterior openings for new doors.

Tri-Phase also provided hazardous materials abatement services for asbestos-containing transite pipe removal following Type I procedures. Tri-Phase provided draining and disposal services of hazardous materials including but not limited to glycol-containing materials. Tri-Phase additionally removed refrigerant gasses and disposed of them appropriately.

The scope of work included the scanning and saw cutting of concrete removal of 15,000 square feet of existing concrete slabs on the ground. Tri-Phase broke more than 28,000 square feet of existing slab on grade.

Some additional construction services Tri-Phase provided included the excavation of non-contaminated soils, as well as the removal of all mechanical and electrical equipment and fixtures from the rooftop units, including the removal of roof parapets.

This job was very time sensitive as it had to be completed in 3 weeks. Tri-Phase had a day and night shift operating 24/7 for 3 weeks in order to complete the job on-time.

Tri-Phase was excited to play a central role in Amazon’s journey of expanding their Canadian distribution centres!