Marine Services

Tri-Phase provides commercial marine services to any marine or remote location to complement our construction and environmental services.

Tri-Phase can provide all of our services to areas that are only accessible by boats such as islands. Tri-Phase owns and operates its own fleet of push boats and barges alongside our own heavy equipment. This allows us to mobilize our equipment to support our construction and environmental services that we provide. We are able to mobilize to any marine site, whether the project requires work a few feet from the shoreline or a few hours boat ride from the shoreline.

We have and continue to conduct work in remote areas such as islands in the middle of Georgian Bay or the Great Lakes that require construction and environmental services. We are able to provide all of our services including but not limited to demolition, hazardous materials abatement, soil and groundwater remediation, and drilling on these remote areas.

We also provide stationary and floating dock demolition, installs and rebuilds. We provide our dock services to various clients ranging from small residential to large, multiple slip commercial marinas. Our crew has the experience to design and build your docks according to your specifications and to ensure that it meets all standards.

Our ability to utilize our own marine equipment to provide our environmental and construction services allows us to complete the work efficiently, on time, safely and with cost-savings for our clients. Tri-Phase serves as a one-stop shop to conduct this work in an environmentally responsible manner.