Demolition And Decommissioning

Tri-Phase offers a full range of demolition and decommissioning services starting from the initial site assessment through to equipment and investment recovery, hazardous materials abatement, industrial cleaning and facility demolition.

One of our top priorities is to ensure that we are efficient, cost-effective and follow all health and safety regulations with every project that we complete. Prior to starting any work, we conduct a thorough examination of the site to determine the presence of any environmental or safety hazards. We also prepare site-specific health, safety and work plans and implement sign-off procedures for every stage of a project. In addition, Tri-Phase manages and performs all pre-demolition activities and requirements such as acquiring the required permits.

Our approach to demolition is to recycle wherever possible and minimize the amount of waste taken to landfills. We strategically remove portions of a building in a planned and analytical fashion in order to segregate and recycle building materials such as concrete, wood, brick, metal, etc.

Interior Demolition

Tri-Phase has completed over 20,000 interior demolition projects across Canada. We have worked with all levels of government, school boards, colleges/universities, property managers, general contractors, consultants, developers and others to help retrofit buildings or sections of buildings. This work can allow for new additions, preserve historically significant buildings or rehabilitate an environmentally hazardous area when coupled with our hazardous materials abatement services.

Structural Demolition

Tri-Phase has both the resources and manpower to safely and cost-effectively demolish and remove entire facilities or buildings. We provide complete building and facility demolition to any sized storey-structure. Our concrete crushing equipment can be mobilized and used on-site to recycle any concrete generated from our demolition work and generate gravel that meets necessary specifications to help our clients achieve LEED designation on their projects. In addition, investment recovery is also a significant focus of our work and is unparalleled with our experience.


Years of experience set the tone for Tri-Phase’s all-inclusive approach to decommissioning.  We have successfully completed over 10,000 decommissioning projects including but not limited to manufacturing plants, and facilities with process equipment. Our site remediation, building decontamination and decommissioning services provide turnkey solutions for the rehabilitation of contaminated sites and buildings. From characterization to complete site closure, our professional team can propose a wide range of innovative technologies and methods to meet your needs.