Tri-Phase awarded demolition of the Cineplex Orion Gate in Brampton, ON

Out with the old and in with the new! Tri-Phase took part in the interior and exterior demolition of the Cineplex Orion Gate in order for it to be converted to the youth and young adult entertainment space, Playdium. This former hot spot located at Highway 410 and Steeles was torn down by Tri-Phase Group in two separate phases.

Phase 1 comprised of the interior demolition of the theatre which included the removal of existing walls, including screens, speakers, and their support structures of varying sizes. The removal and disposal of all existing cinema seats, floor finishing including grin, steel structure and the precast concrete bleachers, including 42 steel columns was completed. The floors, handrails, guards, projection windows and dampers, projector equipment, acoustical insulation behind the cinema screens, and all ceilings were demolished by Tri-Phase. The steel structure and deck of platform was demolished including the supporting columns. The existing wall mounted equipment in the theatre walls were removed and disposed of, along with the partition walls. The scope of work also included creating 7-foot-high openings in the existing walls and demolishing the washroom and kitchen millwork.

Tri-Phase also completed phase 2 of this project which involved tackling the exterior demolition of the theatre. This included but was not limited to the removal of the windows and the exterior steel towers which consisted of over 12,000 square feet.

Tri-Phase had to diligently adhere to the project schedule as once the demolition was complete, construction would begin for the new conversion to Playdium. Ensuring this project would run smoothly, Tri-Phase staffed the project with the appropriate crews and equipment until all work was completed according to the project schedule. Tri-Phase provided its attention to detail and expertise without minimizing quality in order to satisfy the client.