Tri-Phase heads to Ottawa for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Tri-Phase is honoured to return back to Canada’s capital city to provide Soil and Groundwater Remediation services for a client.
The scope of work included soil and groundwater remediation at a shopping centre. A portion of the shopping centre was demolished and the area under the demolished portion as well as adjacent to it was contaminated with heavy metals and Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHC). The completion of remedial activities was required to address the contamination at the site prior to the site being developed.
Hot and cold zones were established and construction fencing, and signs were installed around the property to ensure safety procedures were being followed, as truck routes had to be clearly noted and documented for disposal. Next, Tri-Phase stripped all non-contaminated soil and stockpiled for potential backfill re-use.
The volume of soil and bedrock was approximately 50,000 tones. The bulk of the contaminated soil and bedrock was remediated through a Dig and Dump process where the contaminated materials were then hauled and disposed of at a licensed facility.
The scope also included the treatment of over 2,000,000 liters of groundwater. Tri-Phase supplied and operated the mobile Pump and Treat system to remediate the groundwater and discharge it into the sanitary sewer system after analysis confirmation.
Once the excavated area was approved to meet required Ministry of Environment standards by the consultant through sample analysis, Tri-Phase supplied, placed, and compacted clean engineered backfill material.
As usual, the project was appropriately staffed, scheduled and organized to ensure the client’s utmost satisfaction. With the proper attention to the schedule and crew, Tri-Phase was able to complete the job on time and within budget.