Hazardous Materials Removal and Emergency Response Services for Health Care Facility

Asbestos & Mould, Emergency Response

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Asbestos & Mould, Emergency Response
Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities
Patient Treatment Facility
Toronto, ON

Tri-Phase was selected as a pre-qualified Hazardous Materials Abatement contractor to perform asbestos removal, mould remediation and emergency response services on an as needed basis for a period of three years.  To date, work has been completed at all clients’ sites across the Toronto area.

As part of this contract, Tri-Phase provides all labor, materials and equipment necessary to complete asbestos abatement/repair and restoration work.  The work includes Type I, Type II, Type II Glovebag and Type III abatement of drywall joint compound, ceiling tiles, pipe fittings, texture coat, plaster, surface materials, etc.  In addition, Tri-Phase provides mould remediation and re-build/ restoration services as part of planned work and in response to emergency situations such as floods.

While completing work at any Client facility, special care is taken to ensure the safety and security of their personnel and clients including, but not limited to, following infectious control procedures.