Recycling of Light Fixtures from Various Mississauga Locations


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Mid – Large Corporation
Mississauga, On

Tri-Phase Environmental was retained to provide recycling services for the City of Mississauga’s cobra head luminaire and ultraviolet light fixtures exchange program.

Tri-Phase dispatched a team of experienced professionals equipped with the proper tools, resources and vehicles for the pickup and delivery of these fixtures.  Tri-Phase technicians then received, weighed and documented all fixtures prior to processing.  All fixtures were manually taken apart and special precautions were taken to ensure the bulbs containing Mercury remained intact.  Bulbs were removed and packaged in special designated packaging.  The metals were separated from the glass and other components.  Metals were then sent for recycling, as were the bulbs, to MOE-approved facilities to process.

All transport and movement of materials was tracked with shipping documents and bill of lading.  Quantities were logged and reported to the client on a monthly basis, including information such as quantities received, processed, disposed, recycled, etc. and backed by all supporting documentation.

Tri-Phase had developed and implemented procedures to ensure regulatory compliance and operational control including, but not limited to, housekeeping, maintenance and inspection, equipment operating procedures, etc.  Furthermore, all personnel involved in the project had appropriate in-house and OSHA training and were familiar with all health and safety plans related to the project.