Soil and Groundwater Remediation and PCB Clean-Up of an Industrial Facility

Soil & Groundwater Remediation, PCB Clean-up

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Soil & Groundwater Remediation, PCB Clean up
Toronto, ON

Tri-Phase was contracted to provide facility decontamination and PCB waste disposal services for an industrial site located in Toronto, Ontario. This facility produced transformers and electrical components and had a considerable deposit of PCB-contamination in the underground water and inside on the building structure. Tri-Phase’s scope of work included pre-decontamination sampling, power washing the entire facility, containment of all wash water, on-site water treatment as well as disposal and confirmatory sampling. The work also included the commissioning of a ground water collection trench system with wells. It also included the design, build and operation of a fixed ground water treatment system with the construction of the building housing the water treatment system.

Tri-Phase decontaminated approximately 750,000 square feet of space including floors, walls, beams, joints and all other areas where dust had settled.

Health and safety protocols were paramount during the execution of this project. All individuals working on the project were required to wear the most stringent of personal protective equipment and all areas that had been previously decontaminated were protected against re-contamination using polyethylene sheet barricades. Air monitoring for PCB’s and TSS was conducted continuously during the entire project.

All water used during the cleaning operations was captured and treated on-site using Tri-Phase’s mobile water treatment system. All disposal and discharge of the waste water was completed by Tri-Phase. The work was completed on time, within budget and to the client’s satisfaction.